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Who Really Dominates The Internet?

Drew Barnes - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This infographic shows how email outnumbers everyone on the internet including Facebook, Google searches, Tweets, and Internet page views — not by a little bit but dominates them — even after spam!

This little graphic came to me in an email from Perry Marshall and here's what he has to say on the subject of email marketing ...

"Email is the absolute center of the Internet universe. You have to have an email address to sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or any of Google's services. There is no indication this will change any time soon.

This is why I've always said, my own real secret isn't Google AdWords, it's my ability to use email. To gain access to someone's inner sanctum (that's what email is, really) and be a welcome guest. The people who can do that, they own the Internet.

I contend that THIS is the most profitable single skill you can master as an online marketer. The simple, lowly medium of Email."

You can go to the original graphic here:

All You Need To Know About Local Search

Drew Barnes - Saturday, August 13, 2011
These infographics have been around awhile but do a great job of representing all of the aspects of local search, reviews, social media and mobile. It's enough to make just want to turn around and just walk the other direction but what would be the fun in that. 

These are full  sized graphics for easy consumption with out the need to click for a bigger size. 

They are pretty self explanatory (warning you may experience a bit of dizziness) enjoy ...

1. Daily Deals
Daily Deal Inforgraphic 

Presented at SXSW by James Moran, CEO of Yipit, a daily deals aggregator

2.The Deal Map

Local Daily Deals

Originally post on:

3. Local Business Web Equity

If  you haven't seen the next one. Where have you been?

From Mike Blumenthal via a post about Owning Your Local Web Equity

4. Small Business and Social Media

Social Media and Small Business

See the original from BIA Kelsey here: Social Presence vs. Activity: Cracking the ‘How Much Is Too Much?’ Question

5. Mobile and Local a Powerful Combination

Powerful graphic and makes quite a case for mobile marketing doesn't it. You can see the orignal here: The Power of Local Mobile Search

6. Review Ecosystem

Great little graphic from Andrew Shotland you can see the original here: Local Reviews Ecosystem

7. Local Search Ecosystem

Another great graphic to check out is one from If you havent seen it yet — what are you waiting for! Probably the most informative graphic of the bunch. This is especially true for business owners who keep hearing about citations but have no idea how or where to get them. This little gem will get you started off no problem.

Heres the link — A Closer Look at the Local Search Data Providers

Hope these where helpful or just exploded your head either way it's an educational experience. 

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